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6. Inclement Weather

In recent years during the winter months we have had some very inclement weather including snow, exreme rainfall including floods and very low temperatures. When the weather is very poor it is not always possible to fulfill fixtures or train. On some occasions decisions about training and/or matches have to be made on a Sunday morning. We may have to carry out a pitch inspection at the club or we may be waiting on a pitch inspection at the club of an away fixture. On such occasions we will always try to keep parents and youngsters informed.

In some situations the pitches at one venue may be fit wheras those at another ground may be unfit.

Information regarding fixtures and training will be posted on the club website as soon as it is available and Team Managers will email or text the parents for their respective teams.Your Team Manager will contact you as soon as he/she knows exactly what is happening.

If the weather is very poor ie. very cold with a biting wind or very wet, it may be that some of the older teams will train or play. The club would encourage the parents of the youngest children to make a sensible decision, in the best interests of their child. This may mean they miss a session but are more interested in returning the next week!