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3. Equipment & Kit - Info for Parents

Junior Rugby - Equipment

If you are new to the club, you are not expected to purchase the kit immediately. General advice would be to leave it for a month at least to see if your child likes playing. If you haven’t got the Nottingham Moderns kit having registered with the club and wish to play in competitive/friendly games you need to wear a red top, white shorts and red socks.
For tournaments (RFU sponsored) you need to wear the official kit (club shirt, white shorts and red socks) which can be purchased from the club house.

Clothing - Important

All players will be expected to turn up at training wearing appropriate rugby kit. A tracksuit (top and bottoms) is also required for use on cold days and for traveling to festivals. Boots with aluminum studs or rubber molded soles are to be worn for training and matches.

Boots - Important
Although IRB regulations permit the wearing of soccer style boots with blades instead of studs, there is some dissatisfaction within rugby circles with this type of boot because of the potential injury risk to both the wearer and opposition team players. Certainly by the time you reach the 15 a side game the club would prefer that players wear boots that have aluminium (preferably kite marked) screw in studs or rubber moulded sole boots. The wearing of plastic studs and boots which have an extra toe stud will not be allowed. If in doubt, check with your lead coach before you buy new boots.

Gumshields/Mouthguards - Important
All players who play contact rugby MUST wear a guard for training and playing. You may contact your own dentist for proper moulded ones which are best. Self fix ones are available at all good sports shops or on line sports stores as well as the club store.
If the child forgets to wear dental protection - the child WILL NOT be allowed to play.

Body Armour/Head Guards

These are becoming increasingly popular amongst players. They are not obligatory and players may wear them if they so wish.
Thermal undergarments
This is increasingly popular in cold weather, but again not obligatory. A couple of layers e.g. vest and T shirt is useful especially in the colder weather. Some children wear the black running tights over which they wear shorts and socks.

Shin pads
Players are encouraged to wear shin pads and ankle protection if available, especially for contact rugby. Not obligatory.

Rugby Sticky Mitts

These are allowed for playing in and are particularly effective in very cold weather when young hands can get cold in order to catch and grip the ball. There are now thermal versions available as well with the sticky pad. Ordinary gloves will NOT be allowed.

Unfortunately but especially in contact rugby any normal eyewear (excluding contact lenses) is not allowed because the risk of injury to the wearer and possibly other players. There will also be risk of damage to the equipment itself.

Severe Weather
Please come to training/matches with appropriate clothing for the weather on the day. Always have hats, gloves, waterproof tops. A snack and a drink is always useful. These can be found in the clubhouse for adults and children.

...and finally
All items of jewelery must be removed before training. This includes necklaces, rings and bracelets plus the coloured rubber and cord wrist bands that are currently popular


Moderns RFC Junior Committee
October 2010