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1. About Moderns RFC Juniors

Who are the Nottingham Moderns Rugby Club?
Initially formed in 1956 by a bunch of school leavers the club has a great history of achievement and a strong standing in the local rugby community.

What is the Nottingham Moderns Junior Section all about?
Our aim is to encourage children to enjoy and learn the game as part of a team, using a combination of games, drills and match play. All children get the opportunity to play with their team in matches, as we select based on inclusivity.

When do you train and play matches?
We meet on Sunday mornings at 10.15am at the clubhouse, then on the pitch for training or matches from 10.30 normally until around midday. Some matches are away but there will always be a friendly face in the clubhouse to welcome you on your first visit.

From Under 12 (school yr 7) the team may also partake in midweek training. Each age group will meet on a different evening.

Where are you?
We play our rugby at Ferry Fields in Wilford. You can find our address and a map in the contact link at the top of the page.

What do I need?
All you need is a pair of football boots and clothes you don’t mind getting muddy. If under-9 (school yr 4) or older you’ll need a mouthguard too – but these can be purchased at the club. The Moderns Juniors rugby shirt is not essential for training but is worn for all matches – though any red t-shirt will do to get started. Newcomers generally wait a few weeks before they decide to obtain the kit. Moderns Juniors shirts as well as shorts, socks and other items are available for purchase at the clubhouse shop, which is open every Sunday morning.

We have a selection of second hand kit (including boots) available in the shop.

What do I do now?
If you're interested in finding out more or having a go, please feel free to bring your child along on a Sunday to see whether he/she may enjoy Moderns Juniors. We offer the first four sessions for free, to see what the child thinks.

What will it cost me?
As mentioned, the first four sessions are free. Thereafter, training fees for the season are £100 payable in two installments in September and January. This is one of the lowest costs in the area and represents great value for money. If your child benefits from Pupil Premium at school, please contact us as special arrangements can be made to allow your child to take part in and enjoy rugby at our club.

Tell me a little bit more about what to expect…
Up to the under-8 age group (school yr 3) the emphasis is on tag rugby, which is non-contact and includes matches of seven-a-side. All we want is for kids to be having fun with a rugby ball in hand.

Children are introduced to contact rugby (tackling) starting at under-9 (school yr 4). Many children really enjoy the rough and tumble of the game, while others revel in the running and evasion that the game offers – there’s a place for everyone in a rugby team.

Up until Under 12 (school yr 7) matches are non-competitive with a focus on enjoyment and developing players. The referee will coach both clubs as the match progresses

From Under 13 (school yr 8) the team will be part of the NLD (Notts, Lincs and Derbys) rugby and will play competitive matches (including cup competitions) against other clubs.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay and watch the sessions, and/or enjoy the tea and coffee, bacon and sausage sandwiches at our clubhouse. These continue to be available after training/matches, when squash is also provided free for the children. Remember also to have water available for your child during training, and to prepare them with extra clothes layers on those colder Sunday mornings!

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